Turn Your Ears On

Wow. So much happening in our world today.
Every day seems like something new pops in our radar.

A strong reminder for myself and hopefully a nugget for you! Sometimes we can’t filter everything we see, it’s overwhelming at times. It’s just not physically and mentally possible. Whew, glad we got that out of the way, Okay!
Learn to shut your eyes and sit in silence. Giving our eyes a much needed rest, which filters to our brain for a RE-Action.
It’s in moments of silence, moments of tuning out, or turning off where I am immediately filled with much needed peace, gratitude and can give my mind the rest it deserves.
God is speaking, always. We are just too busy or too noisy. We’re so good at tuning him out, champions.
Take this time to sit in silence or outside in nature taking a walk. That still small voice is there ready to speak and guide us.

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