I am a woman with a broken Heart💔

“I am a woman with a broken heart”-said Hannah to The Lord. OHHHH how I love this story in the Bible. Hannah is so desperately praying for a child, she is barren and being taunted by her husbands other wife who is able to have children. But I want to talk about her prayer to The Lord, what she said and the state of her well being. Because sometimes I think we forget or think that we have to come to God with everything ALL TOGETHER. When in reality we will never have it ALL TOGETHER!

God meets us right where we are, in our mess, anguish, disappointment and hurt. Can we talk about the word anguish for a sec. the definition is severe mental or physical pain. Sometimes our broken hearts cause us mental and physical pain or suffering. Lots of suffering. I am sure you can relate to one of those described. Friend, I have so been there. God is so okay with us and our feelings, He is a BIG God who can handle them and bring comfort at the same time. God actually wants us to pour out our hearts to Him, to pray in the state that we are in-wether it be anguish or in resentment just as Hannah prayed.

If you are like me and some situations seem to never get “better” or you’ve prayed that prayer over and over and have seen no results. I am here to tell you to keep pressing into God, keep those prayers coming. Plead with The Lord, let your request be know over and over and over again. Some people may even think we are crazy, our faith may look too big for their liking. But this is between YOU and The Lord. He will be faithful, He will remember YOU!

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