Take out the Trash!

How many women take out the trash and love it??? Hahaha probably none of us, so thankful for my two growing boys who can take on this task. Although, sometimes I swear they are blind. They keep on adding things to an already full can!? I just recently finished reading 1st Kings and 2 Kings in the Bible…it has taken me about 3 months to complete because some of the things that happened had me “shook”.

I was not ready for the drama, I mean lots of DRAMA. I couldn’t help but hurt for King after King, how can a group of people fall so far from the truth that they live a lie? Something happened with Saul- yes the wise King Saul. That for generations to come had them playing a ping pong faith. ALL the Lord wanted was a King after HIS heart and obedience. It was so far fetched, few and in between. King Saul was great and did a lot of great things but at the end of his life he got sloppy. He forgot to take out the trash. Letting it pile up and eventually consuming him to the point of filth and death.

Why are we so heavy burdened? Why do we feel like we hit a brick wall sometimes? Are we ignoring the very thing we need to get rid of? Throughout Kings every now and then you’d have a King who would return to The Lord and His ways. You’ll read how they had to take idols down from the “Temple” and in high places that the previous King allowed. You getting this….take down, take out. I can’t help but think of the things I have allowed and stored up that have NO place in me. That God never intended for me to hang on to. That have blocked, halted or missed opportunity that I could not see because of the trash pile.

No is a hard word. We have become desensitized people with complaining lips, stubbornness & entitlement. I don’t know a lot of things but I do know I do not want to get on down the road and be lost in trash. Trash that I could of gotten rid of, trash that I don’t need to collect, trash that needs to burn. Yes we are human and we will fail, but I want to get back up and keep my heart turned towards Him, deal with the things that He may be trying to remove out of my life so I could continue to grow. It will be smelly, the bag may be heavy-you may need help, but friend I want to tell you it’s time to take out the trash! Don’t allow things that were never meant for you to keep stored up in your heart!

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