Deep cries out to Deep

The song Oceans was one of the first I learned to play on the guitar. Love that song still. There’s s one line in the song that still gets me….”take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder” THAT line!! Just think about that statement for a second. You are asking God to take you deeper than your feet could ever wonder, I have to admit that’s a little scary. What does that mean? Our minds can’t comprehend what we are asking for. But I’ll sing it anyways, trusting He knows best.

I know when He calls us to go deeper it requires letting go of something, theres a stripping away that happens in our spiritual lives. Most of the time we don’t even know it or we are totally unaware that it is happening until we are at the low point. We start questioning God, why this-why that?! Suddenly, we think How did I end up here? When all along it was part of His plan for our lives. He’s calling us to a deeper relationship with Him, a better understanding of who He is.

We can’t know Him if we stay on the shore, we have to trust as we walk further and further in the water. Our deepest hidden cries OR treasures cannot surface if we don’t acknowledge them. And that wont happen on the shore, deep cries out to deep. Only when you have submerged deeper then you will start feeling and seeing things that need to change. No it’s not pleasant, when I cry it’s not pretty. But I cry out to a God who does not leave me, who wont forsake me, who walks beside me and wipes my tears. His faithful (hesed) love endures forever and it’s here for me and you.

How deep will you go?

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