How far can you go?

Ummm no it’s not a Moana song LOL! I though that too when I started to type the title. Really thinking how much we hinder ourselves from our purpose, daily, distractions that add up little by little.

So if you don’t know I’ve been of social media for a week now. I really felt God calling me to get off and log off. To give my family my all my 100% attention this summer. Well I want to share how that’s been going, briefly because I need to figure out breakfast.

The first couple of days I found myself reaching for my phone to touch the instagram app or facebook only to find I had deleted them. Just out of habit. Now I find myself reaching out for a little hand, a hug or a kiss from my littles. I’ve been on a mental journey preparing for this ”disconnection” from social media and I’ve realized what a LIE it is. It’s so funny how the main reason is to connect us with those we know. But really it disconnects us from what is real, in front of us. What is happening in front of us. No lie….I have cleaned out my linen closet that I have been putting off for years. YES years, ashamed. Two big black trash bags of junk, mismatched sheets and old towels that just needed to go.

I feel like my life and that linen closet have very much in common. I’ve filled my life with junk….and it’s not even mine. Really not even important, relevant. How much more can I accomplish with all this free time I have that I am not on social media. How far can I go?

Proverbs 31:25, I am definitely being clothed in strength for this season because it’s not easy. Believe me I’ve been talking myself into it….But if I can do it you can too friend!

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