God & Evil

Don’t overlook what God has done in your life….there’s proof of the things He has done or maybe you can see how He came through in certain situations. Maybe, some not the way You would of wanted Him too, or maybe you are just plain impatient and are still waiting. Let me tell you something, keep waiting. Hold fast and keep praying. In the mean time DO NOT forget who is your side. The moment you start to waiver, you give room for doubt to set in. Doubt creates fear and anger, isolation and that’s exactly where the enemy wants you.

We look for signs all around us, so blindly we walk in fear & not in faith. When our faith is replaced by fear we let our guard down. Don’t be fooled evil is waiting for your vulnerability, your downfall.

Our precious God will still speak to us in chaos, with a still small voice TOO! Do not give room for evil to rob you of what God has for you…..I believe the evil way will always present itself as an easier escape, a feel good ”feeling” but ultimately only a trap. God’s way may seem harder because we place ourselves in His hands, trusting in His plan- dying to our selfish desires. Be encouraged today, God’s perfect purpose for your life won’t fail-TRUST HIM & only Him.

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