Do I Matter?

I often find myself asking silly questions, because they really are. I know what my Heavenly Father says about me. But sometimes I go there… I matter? Does anyone care? Honestly these questions seem to come when I’m having a pity party, LOL. Oh, how we can get so wrapped up in our feelings. I read an awesome passage the other day that has stood out to me and has confirmed (again) how much God cares for us, more than we can comprehend.

I spent a long weekend with some precious ladies in ministry. Spent a lot of time in the Old Testament and talking about Sabbath. But it was one story I read in Nehemiah that has stood out to me. Nehemiah 3:12- we meet Shallum & his daughters. After they have returned to their promised land and are exiled no more the rebuilding of the wall starts to take place. The previous chapter we see who all is helping and with the help of their sons. Except Shallum, he only has daughters. It says he owned a good portion of Jerusalem and he made repairs along with his daughters help. We don’t know how many he had or their names but it does mention them. God cared for them so much that their work did not go unlooked. They were mentioned in the bible!!! I’m sure these women at times were faced with unthinkable challenges, they were not men. But they persevered, they knew this was a sacred covenant with God. God had let them return to their promised land and start the rebuilding of it.

Do not ever think you are not valuable, YOU ARE! This verse confirms we are not forgotten. God cared for Shallum’s daughters, and now you and me can read this chapter and know that it is true in our own lives. Hold fast-what you do does matter. You matter more than know!

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