Throne Room

In the book of Esther, where I have been since January, we see repeatedly where in order to enter in the presence of the king you have to be summoned or if you’re in his courts the gold scepter had to be extended to you.

Last night at our church the youth sang a song about being in the throne room of God’s presence. There was a line that got me “The veil is torn, the doors swing wide, I see glory as I run inside the throne room, before you I bow”. I completely felt that in the depths of my soul.

I’m so glad I can before God and take Him my request. I don’t need a ritual, I don’t need an approval of someone I can go straight in to His presence. As a child of God you have that same authority-Go before God and make the most secret places in your heart known to God. He hears us, holds us, comforts us, speaks words of affirmation to us, sows words of destiny! Let those doors swing wide and walk boldly to the Throne Room.

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