What is the cost?

I love to shop. Period. It’s something I truly enjoy, I like to browse at all my options too before I make that purchase….which drives my husband crazy(LOL) because he just walks in and gets what he needs. Not me. I want to see it all and then make my mind up on what I will buy. I also always check for deals, I love a good deal. What does it cost, is it on sale, clearance, can I use a coupon? Yup that is me.

What is the cost of following Jesus and living a life that reflects HIM? I’m not here to tell you what to do, I just want you to read what I have experienced. Then you can decide and pray for what this will look like in your life-because all of our walks are different. For me it was changing the way I did things-they were no longer working. God was requiring of me more time with Him. Honestly at first I argued with God and gave Him all the reasons why I did not have the extra time. 1. I have 3 kids-I literally feel somedays like I do everything for them. 2. I work for and with my husband-too stressed. 3. I like to clean and tidy up my home and that’s never ending. 4. Church activities 5. meal planning-everyone eats different things 6. What about down time God…do I get any? 7. After school activities for kids (3) I AM A TAXI CAB 8. Time with my spouse 9. Laundry- that needs its own number. 10. Answering text and emails(rolling my eyes) 11. Planning for the future or even the next day. OKAY this can go on and on you get the point. What does it cost?

The answer is me. It cost me. I had to get over myself and make time for the most important thing ever! My relationship with HIM! Spending time in His word and presence at the beginning of each morning is critical for me. It’s HIS time and I need it. Through being in his word and presence things started to change, boundaries were drawn and some things that were ok suddenly were not anymore. Change takes place, friendships change, attitude checks, thought process change, more love less judgement, grace, forgiveness, peace, silence, less list’s, lowered MY expectations, raised my prayer time, dream bigger/faith bigger, priorities change, laugh more, cry more, let God heal me, BELIEVE in the truth of His word. So I tell you all this to say yes it will cost you-You will have to change, you will have to decide what is worth it or not. But I know in the end I got the better DEAL. I put my relationship with Him above everything else and I can’t find that anywhere or in anybody!

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