Esther 6

Favor? Redemption? Vengeance?

I think as we read this chapter we see an amazing turn of events for Mordecai. Call it what you want you want but God’s plan will prevail, always. It’s no coincidence the King had trouble sleeping, and of all nights- this was the night to have insomnia. For the King ordered the book recording of daily events to be read to him. Now I don’t know about you but that would certainly put me to sleep!

Get this—It just so happen to be the recording of when Mordecai saved his life, chapter 2 vs.21. Although it says the event was recorded-thank God it was- nothing was really done about it. So this night while the King could not sleep, & Haman had built gallows to hang Mordecai, we see hope arise for Mordecai the Jew.

Although Haman, so evil planned and attempted to kill Mordecai that was not the WILL of God. God had a plan-the perfect plan, yes it took some time all the way to chapter 6 and it was the night before he could of possibly been executed. BUT insomnia had striken the King.

Not only does God have a plan to redeem Mordecai for saving the King years ago, guess what??? HIS enemy does it for him with him. Verse 10 you must read…it says Haman paraded him around the city “this is what is done for the man the King wants to honor.” Oh his pride you know it was crushed.

You are not forgotten friend. Though you may have done what is right and no reward is evident, this story proves at one point or another in our lives we will be redeemed. Stay the course friends, steady and faithful. God orchastetes things beyond our comprehension and we may not understand, ever. Stay true and honest to who He has called you to be and all the pieces will fall in place.

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