When I think about wisdom I immediately think of an older person, one with white hair who has lived a LONG time. My Prayer for 2019 is for God to fill me with Wisdom unlike never before. What does that look like? Can we even ask for that? I’m only 35- What do I know? Yes, In my 35 years here I have had to endure a lot of pain and heartache but also a lot of joy and love. I’m talking about wisdom in making everyday decisions as a woman, mother and wife. Wisdom in daily choices-Lord is this where you want me to go? Should I say this? Is that wise? I’ve been reading in Proverbs with the First 5 App, through Proverbs 31 Ministries and I have been contemplating Chapter 2 for a week now. I guess I have never really let the words sink in my soul. It’s really so simple-well not really- But God does give us instruction. Are we listening though? If you haven’t read Proverbs 2 I encourage you to read it and more than once. It tells us “to call out to insight and lift our voice to understanding”(vs 3). Ask God what does wisdom look like in my life, show me. I love verse 6 “For The Lord give wisdom from His mouth and understanding” How many times do we read His word and not have understanding? Here we can ask for it–He wants us too! I want to make wise choices in a world that is “have it your way” or instant pot technology (lol), even cooking is being rushed. Wise may mean waiting and waiting for a long time or walking alone……Just know God is with you, He’s trying to teach us something and it requires TIME!

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