Esther 4

Esther chapter 4
How many times do we let something we’ve heard grip us with fear? 
When Mordecai hears of Haman’s plans to wipe out the Jews he tore his clothes and cried loudly and bitterly. (vs1) 
When Esther heard the news she was overcome with fear. (vs4)

It’s so easy to believe that is the FINAL outcome. 
BUT one important thing happened between Mordecai & Esther….they fasted. 
They fasted about the situation, the present circumstance. 
Not only just the two of them, it says “they” referring to some of the Jewish people who had heard of the decree and her female servants as well. 
The severity of the threat to the Jewish people bound them up together to fast. 

1. Fasting will change outcomes. 

2. Have people bind with you in fasting. 

3. Don’t let fear have the last word. Though you may feel helpless, bitter, hopeless there’s still ONE more thing you can try-fasting.

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