Esther 2

Esther chapter 2 shows us 
how Gods covenant with his people (Jews) is still going strong. 
The fact that Esther was placed in the care of Mordecai, and he had adopted her as his own daughter is not a coincidence. 
All a part of God’s perfect plan!
The favor on Esther’s life is evident. 
Coincidence? No all a part of God’s plan! 
She gained favor wherever she went or from whatever she did. 
God had a plan- he specifically choose Esther to save the Jews in the coming chapters. 

I can’t help but think……

1. God is sovereign-He will use anyone anything to make His will. 

2. She did NOT reveal she was of Jewish descent to the king or anyone in the courts because Mordecai told her not too. 

3. She became Queen…but it took some time. Approx. 3-4 years before she became queen that’s a long time to keep a secret lol

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